ABHINANDA "SENSELESS" 1.Senseless 2.Inner qualities 3.Needle 4.Fallen 5.Competition in hatred 6.Love story 7.Drift apart 8.Dragon 9.My source 10.Serenade 44


AFFLICTED "PRODIGAL SUN" 1.Prodigal sun 2.Harbouring the soul 3.In years to come 4.Tidings from the blue sphere 5.The empty word 6.Astray 7. Rising to the sun 8.Spirit spectrum 9.The doomwatchers prediction 10.Consumed in flames 11.Ivory tower

AFFLICTED Prodigal Sun

AGNOSTIC FRONT "CAUSE FOR ALARM" 1.The eliminator 2.Existence of hate 3.Time will come 4.Growing concern 5.Your mistake 6.Out for bood 7.Toxic shock 8.Bomber zee 9.Public assistance 10.Shoot his load 38


AGNOSTIC FRONT "VICTIM IN PAIN" 1.Victim in pain 2.Remind them 3.Blind Justice 4.Last warning 5.United strong 6.Power 7.Hiding inside 8.Fascited attitude 9.Society sucker 10.Your mistake 11.With time 38


AGNOSTIC FRONT "LIBERTY&JUSTICE FOR..." 1.Liberty&justice 2.Crucial moment 3.Strength 4.Genesis 5.Anthem 6.Another side 7.Happened yesterday 8.Lost 9.Hypocrisy 10.Crucified 11.Censored 38


ALIEN SEX FIEND "ALL OUR YESTERDAYS" 1.Ignore the machine 2.Lips can't go 3.R.I.P.(Blue crumb truck) 4.Dead and buried 5.E.S.T.(Trip to the moon) 6.I'm doing time in a maximum security twilight home 7.I walk the line 8.Smells like shit... 9.Hurricane fighter plane

ALIEN SEX FIEND All our yesterdays

ALIEN SEX FIEND "OPEN HEAD SURGERY" 1.Clockwork banana,banana moon 2.Magic 3.Lickin'ma bone 4.Stressed out 5.Class of '69 6.Alien Sex Fiend 7.Coma 8.B-B-bone boogie

ALIEN SEX FIEND Open Head Surgary

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