BAD BRAINS "ATTITUDE" 1.Sailin'on 2.Don't need it 3.Attitude 4.The regulator 5.Banned in D.C. 6.Jah calling 7.Supertouch/fit 8.Leaving Babylon 9.Fearless vampire killers 10.I 11.Big take over 12.Pay to cum 13.Right brigade 14.I luv I jah 15.Intro 47


BAD BRAINS "GOD OF LOVE" 1.Cool Mountaineer 2.Justice Keepers 3.Long time 4.Rights of a child 5.God of love 6.Overs the water 7.Tongue Tee Tie 8.Darling I need you 9.To the heavens 10.Thank JAH 11.Big fun 12.How I love thee

God of Love Cover

BAD BRAINS "QUICKNESS" 1.Soul craft 2.Voyage to infinity 3.The messengers 4.With the quickness 5.Gene Machine/don't bother 6.No conditions 7.Don't blow bubbles 8.Sheba 9.Youth' juice 10.Silent tears 11.The prophet's eye 12.Endtro
BAD RELIGION "80-85" 1.We're only gonna die 2.Latch key kids 3.Part III 4.Faith in God 5.Fuck Armageddon..This is hell 6.Pitty 7.Into the night 8.Damned to be free 9.White trash(2nd generation) 10.American dream 11.Eat your dog 12.Voice of god is government 13.Oligarchy 14.Politics 15.Doing time 16.Bad religion 17.Sensory overload 18.Slaves 19.Drastic actions 20.World war III 21.Yesterday 22.Frogger 23.Bad religion 24.Along the way 25.New leaf 26.Bad religion 27.Slaves 28.Drastic actions

80-85 COVER

BAD RELIGION "Against the grain" 1.Modern man 2.Turn on the night 3.Get off 4.Blenderhead 5.Positive aspect of negative thinking 6.Anesthesia 7.Flat Earth Society 8.Entropy 9.Misery and famine 10.Faith alone 11.Against the grain 12. Operation rescue 13.God song 14.21st century digital boy 15.Unacceptable 16.Quality or quantity 17.Walk away

Against the grain Cover

BAD RELIGION "Generator" 1.Generator 2.Too much 3.No direction 4.Tomorrow 5.2 babies in the dark 6.Heaven is falling 7.Atomic garden 8.The answer 9.Fertile crescent 10.Chimera 11.Only entertainment

Generator Cover

BAD RELIGION "No control" 1.Changes of ideas 2.Big bang 3.No control 4.Sometimes it feels like... 5.Automatic man 6.I want to conquer the world 7.Sanity 8.Henchman 9.It must look pretty appealing 10.You 11.Progress 12.I want something more 13.Anxiety 14.Billy 15.The world won't stop without you

No control Cover

BAD RELIGION "Recipe for Hate" 1.Recipe for hate 2.Kerosene 3.American Jesus 4.Portrait of authority 5.Man with a mission 6.All good soldiers 7.Lookin' in 8.Watch it die 9.Struck a nerve 10.My poor friend me 11.Don't pray on me 12.Modern day catastrophies 13.Skyscraper 14.Stealth

Recipe for hate Cover

BAD RELIGION "Stranger than fiction" 1.Incomplete 2.Leave mine to me 3.Stranger than fiction 4.Tiny voices 5.The handshake 6.Better off dead 7.Infected 8.Television 9.Individual 10.Hooray for me...11.Slumber 12.Marked 13.Inner logic 14.What it is 15.21st century(digital boy)

Stranger than fiction Cover

BAD RELIGION "The gray race" 1.The gray race 2.Them and us 3.A walk 4.Parallel 5.Punk rock song 6.Empty causes 7.Nobody listens 8.Pity the dead 9.Spirit shine 10.The streets of America 11.Ten in 2010 12.Victory 13.Drunk sincerity 14.Come join us 15.Cease

The Gray race cover

BAD RELIGION "Tested" 1.Operation Rescue 2.Punk Rock song 3.Tomorrow 4.A walk 5.God song 6.Pity the Dead 7.One thousand More Fools 8.Drunk sincerity 9.Generator 10.Change of ideas 11.Portrait of authority 12.What it is 13.Dream of unity 14.Sanity 15.American Jesus 16.Do what you want 17.Part III 18.10 in 2010 19.No direction 20.Along the way 21.Recipe for hate 22.Fuck Armageddon 23.It's Reciprocol 24.Struck a nerve 25.Leave mine to me 26.Tested 27.No control

Tested Cover

BATALION OF SAINTS The Best of The Batalion of saints 1.Chris Smith w/Greg Dumis 81 2.Modern day heroes 3.I wanna make you scream 4.Holy vision 5.Witch world 6.Right or wrong 7.Intercourse 8.Solitary is fun 9.Animal in man 10.Sweaty little girls 11.Fighting boys 12.Second coming 13.Fair warning 14.Cops are out '85 15.My mind diseased 16.No time **


BIG BLACK "Atomizer" 1.Jordan Minnesota 2.Passing complexion 3.Big money 4.Kerosene 5.Bad houses 6.Fists of love 7.Stinking drunk 8.Bazooka Joe 9.Strange things 10.Cables (live) **


B.G.K. "Nothing can go wrong" 1.Civil terror 2.Bloodsuckers 3.Johnstown Alloa 4.Hey the Coke 5.Pay to die 6.Computer control 7.Safety lost 8.TV news 9.Institution or mentality 10.Injected in sanity 11.No limbs 12.The great American zero 13. You're for crime (list not completed) ***


BOLD E.P. I don't know **


BREACH "Outlines" 1.Despise the fact 2.Changing times 3.Predict a life 4.Air that we breathe 5.Profits 6.Outlines 7.Thoughts to rebuild 8.Potential failure ***


Outlines Cover

BROTHERHOOD "Words run..." I don't know ***

42 43

BURN E.P. I don't know **


BUTTHOLE SURFERS Locust Abortion Technician I don't know **


The collection by Piotr Gindrich, 1998; All human rights reserved