DAMNATION "DAMNATION A.D." 1.Two steps down 2.No more dreams 3.No way out 4.Better tomorrow 5.Hangedman 6.Funeral march 7.In memorium 8.In memorium(repise) 9.Sleep 10.Eleven thirty four 11.Second face 35


DANZIG "DANZIG I" 1.Twist of Cain 2.Not of this world 3.She rides 4.Soul on fire 5.Am I demon 6.Mother 7.Possession 8.End of time 9.The hunter 10.Evil thing 54


DANZIG "DANZIG II - LUCIFUGE" 1.Long way back from hell 2.Snakes of Christ 3.Killer wolf 4.Tired of being alive 5.I'm the one 6.Her black wings 7.Devil's plaything 8.777 9.Blood and tears 10.Girl 11.Pain in the world 55


DANZIG "DANZIG III - HOW THE GODS KILL" 1.Godless 2.Anything 3.Bodies 4.How the gods kill 5.Dirty black summer 6.Left hand black 7.Heart of the devil 8.Sistinas 9.Do you wear the mark 10.When the dying calls
DANZIG  "DANZIG IV" 1.Brand new god 2.Little whip 3.Cantspeak 4.Going down to die 5.Until you call on the dark 6.Dominion 7.Bringer of death 8.Son of the morning star 54




D.O.A. "BLOODIED BUT UNBOWED" 1.Fuck you 2.Rich bitch 3.The prisoner 4.Unknown 5.Smash the state 6.Slumlord 7.New age 8.I don't give a shit 9.Waiting for you 10.Watcha gonna do? 11.World war 3 12.2 + 2 13.Fucked up Ronnie 14.001 loser's club 15.The enemy 16.Woke up screaming 17."13" 18.Get out of my life 19.D.O.A. 20.Liar for hire 21.I'm right you're wrong 22.America the beautiful 23.Let's fuck 24.War 25.I hate you 26.War in the east 27.Class war

Bloodied but Unbowed Cover

D.O.A. "13 FLAVOURS OF DOOM" 1.Already dead 2.Death machine 3.Bombs away 4. The living dead 5.I played the fool 6.Too fuckin' heavy 7.Hey sister 8.Legalized theft 9.Hole in the sky 10.Use your raincoat 11.Rosemary's baby 12.Beatin' rock'n'roll to death 13.Time of illusion 14.Phantom zone

13 Flavours of Doom Cover

D.O.A. "LOGGERHEADS" 1.Logjam 2.I see your cross 3.You little wiener 4.Overpowering urges 5.That turbulent uneasy feeling 6.The only thing green 7.Overtime 8.Cocktail time in hell 9.Liberation and execution 10.Cut and dried 11.Burning in anger 12.Witch hunt 13.Knots 14.I can't take much more 15.Folsom prison dirge

Loggerheads Cover

D.O.A. "GREATEST SHITS" 1.Fucked up Baby 2.Communication Breakdown 3.Oo-Ee-Oo-Ee-Oo-Ah-Ah! 4.My old Man's a Bum 5.M.C.T.F.D. 6.The Kenny Blister Song 7.Utopia 8.Billy and the Socreds 9.Royal Police 10.New Wave Sucks 11.Behind the smile 12.Won't get fooled again 13.Take a chance 14.Last night 15.New Wave sucks(Dub) 16.Great White Hope 17.Nazi training camp 18.Want some bondage 19.Rich bitch 20.Let's fuck 21.World War 3 22.L.A.Woman

Greatest Shits Cover

D.O.A. "THE DAWNING OF A NEW ERROR" - Part I and II PART I: 1.Disco sucks 2.Nazi training camp 3.Royal Police 4.Woke up screaming 5.The prisoner 6.13 7.Fucked baby 8.Communication breakdown 9.oo-ee-oo-ee-oo-ah-ah 10.M.C.T.F.D. 11.Kenny blister 12.General strike 13.Race riot 14.A season in hell 15.Burn it down 16.Fucked up Ronnie 17.World war 3 18.The enemy 19.My old man's a bum

PART II: 20.Bloodsucker baby 21.New wave sucks 22.Our world 23.Dangerman 24.Race riot 25.Singin' in the rain 26.Dance o'death 27.General strike 28.Let's wreck the party 29.Shout out 30.Murder in Hollywood 31.The warrior ain't no more 32.No way out 33.Trial by media

Dawning of a new error Cover

D.O.A. "MURDER" 1.We know what you want 2.Afrikana security 3.The agony and the ecstasy 4.Banana land 5.Concrete beach 6.Suicidal 7.Guns, booze&sex 8.Waiting for you - part 2 9.Boomtown 10.No productivity 11.The midnight special 12.The warrior lives again ****


Murder Cover

DYS "WOLFPACK" 1.Wolfpack 2.Open up 3.More than fashion 4.Circle town 5.City to city 6.(The girl's got)limits 7.Brotherhood 8.Yellow 9.Stand proud 10.Insurance 11.Escape 12.Iron man 13.Dirty dog 14.Rub a dub **


Wolfpack cover

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