FACE TO FACE "SAME" 1.Resignation 2.Walk the walk 3.Blind 4.Ordinary 5.I won't lie down 6.Can't change the world 7.Handout 8.Everything's your fault 9.Take it back 10.Complicated 11.Put you in your place 12.Falling 62


THE FALL "PERVERTED BY LANGUAGE" 1.Eat yourself fitter 2.Neighbourhood of infinity 3.Garden 4.Hotel Bloedel 5.Smile 6.I feel voxish 7.Tempo house 8.Hexen definitive/strife 9.Knot ****


FRANK BLACK "DEATH TO THE PIXIES - HERE COMES FRANK BLACK" 1.Los Angeles 2.I heard Ramona sing 3.Hang to your ego 4.Fu Manchu 5.Places named after numbers 6.Czar 7.Old black dawning 8.Two spaces 9.Ten percenter 10.Brackish boy 11.Adda Lee 12.Tossed 13.Parry the wind high, low 14.Every time I go around here ****

33, 17

FRANK BLACK "THE CULT OF RAY" 1.The marsist 2.Men in black 3.Punk rock city 4.You ain't me 5.Jesus was right 6.I don't want to hurt you every single time 7.Mosh, don't pass the guy 8.Kicked in the Taco 9.The creature crawling 10.The adventure and the resolution 11.Dance war 12.The cult of Ray 13.The last stand of Shazeb Andleeb
FUGAZI "STEADY DIET OF NOTHING" 1.Exit only 2.Stacks 3.Latin roots 4.Long division 5.Dear justice letter 6.Kyeo 7.Reclamation 8.Nice new outfit 9.Steady diet 10.Runaway return 11.Polish

Steady diet of nothing COVER

FUGAZI "13 SONGS" 1.Waiting room 2.Bulldog front 3.Bad mouth 4.Burning 5.Suggestion 6.Glue man 7.Give me the cure 8.Margin walker 9.And the same 10.Burning too 11.Provisional 12.Lockdown 13.Promises


FUGAZI "REPEATER" 1.Turnover 2.Repeater 3.Brendan#1 4.Merchandise 5.Blueprint 6.Sieve-Fisted Find 7.Greed 8.Two Beats Off 9.Styrofoam 10.Reprovisional 11.Shut the door

Repeater Cover

FUGAZI "IN ON THE KILL TAKER" 1.Facet squared 2.Public witness program 3.Returning 4.Smallpox champion 5.Rend it 6.Great cop 7.Walken's syndrome 8.23 beats off 9.Sweet and low 10.Cassavetes 11.Instrument 12.Last chance for a slow dance

In on the Kill Taker Cover

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