The Misfits are a very cool band from Lodi, New Jersey. From the late 70s till the early 80s they played some punk tunes about B-movies, monsters, and the zombies. Despite the fact that they released a few singles EP and one LP, they still managed to gain an impressive feedback from punks, rockers, and horror movie fiends. Their cult never died, even after the band's demise, fans continued to collect and exchange their rare, original singles as well as bootleg recordings of live shows and unreleased studio sessions. Head Misfit - Glenn Danzig formed the band Samhain, which evolved into the band "Danzig" the band that was very popular in the late 80s and early 90s. Although MISFITS was mainly an "underground" band, it experienced a revival of sorts when mega-metal monsters Metallica started wearing Misfits T-shirts and playing their tunes in the mid 80s, exposing the band to a whole new audience.

At the background you can see the cover from the only LP by MISFITS "Legacy of Brutality".