S.O.D.is an abrreviation of Stormtroopers of Death. This hard core band recorded only one LP "Speak English or die!!" which is smashing. Billy Milano - the leader of M.O.D. contributed to these recordings. Soon after releasing this longplay S.O.D. no longer existed and Billy Milano established his own band - M.O.D. All the songs are fast, loud and powerful. One cannot sit still in one place listening to it. It's one of the best hard core LPs I have ever heard in my life. The title of the LP and a key song (Speak English or Die!) remind us that powerful dominion of English language cannot be questioned by anybody. Knowing it, is a must otherwise one may become a boor who doesn't know what's going on. Lyrics are filled with irony, jokes, comedy; one song (United Forces) is to incline hostile subcultures (I mean punks&skinheads) to burry a hatchet in danger (cops, hooligans, thugs, rednecks). Another (Fist banging mania) is devoted to machomania. It's against all the people who have borderline intelligence or lower and want to beat others to focus attention and to be noticed... However for them it is the only way to do that.